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About Wolf Shock Mitigation Systems

Wolf Shock Mitigation Systems Ltd came about from experiencing discomfort on my own boat over a period of time and being unable to alleviate it with any product already available on the market. Being over 25 and not as fit as a Navy Seal, as like most of my friends, we tended to only go out on our vessels when the sea state was calm. As we do most of our sailing in the Solent you can imagine how many times we got together and went out.

I have been helming yachts and ribs for many years and have never been in a position to sit down whilst helming, especially when the sea state was rough. I tried a shock mitigation seat when on a friend’s boat and I found it incredibly difficult to actually sit down whilst helming, as I could not see clearly what was in front of me. That coupled with the limited adjustability to allow for different peoples stature, for example, longer/shorter arms and legs without mentioning the back/lumber rest positions, the ride was rather uncomfortable.

Having broken my ankle badly some 5 + years ago, I subsequently found when going out on my Rib, I felt a lot of pain throughout my lower limbs when at sea. Bearing in mind what I had already discovered when trying my friends Shock Seats, I decided to look at Shock mitigation from a different perspective altogether. As I was standing most of the time it seemed logical to me, to try something on the deck. I set too, to design a shock mitigation system which would ease my aches and pains. I tried numerous designs and materials which would solve most of the issues and experimented with several prototypes before coming up with my current system. I have thoroughly tested my system on various sized vessels and so far, I have only received thorough praise for the reduction in the impact the body receives. It also reduced the fatigue normally caused by the constant engine vibration which is generally felt throughout any vessel. At this juncture I decided to apply for a Patent which is now pending here and abroad and registered my Company Name and Logo.

One of the biggest advantages Wolf Shock Mitigation Decking has, is that it can be fitted on your vessel in seconds and can be interchangeable from vessel to vessel of similar size. It can be made for just a single jockey seat, double jockey seat, bench style seat or as a complete floor, the choice is yours.

It can also be manufactured with several different finishes from Rhombus Rubber as the upper surface to Teak, which can come in various colours with various coloured corking, all of which are waterproof and most importantly non-slip. It truly is bespoke; your every need can be catered for.