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Over the last 3 years, I have undertaken numerous trials, using different materials etc. My current Decking is the most effective to date.

I arranged for James Glover of Dyena Ltd to run tests on my Rib using 3 Accelerometers and the results of which concluded that the Decking definitely and significantly reduced the ‘G’ force impacted upon the body when travelling across the sea together with a reduction in the general vibration felt, which is caused by the engine.

My Decking was also installed onto a Humber Rib helmed by Paul Lemmer, who took part in the Round Ireland Challenge in July 2013. Paul wrote about my decking in the Powerboat and Rib Magazine which confirmed he was clearly impressed with the way my Decking’s performed, as it helped him maintain a good speed whilst in difficult sea conditions beating other Ribs taking part in the Challenge who had to slow down.

I also recently donated a Wolf Shock Decking to the 999 Parker Rib which did the round Britain Challenge in 9days, 9hours, 9minutes. I met the Rib at Whitby Life Boat Station and the team then proceeded down the east and along the south coast to the finish in Poole Harbour, Dorset. Again my Decking proved to be very effective and helped the team to reach their target arrival time. The 999 round Britain Challenge Facebook page made mention of my Decking giving a high recommendation.